Wendy Schulze - Fremantle

Manipulative Physiotherapist - Life Coach - Applied Kinesiologist 

Life Coaching

Find out what drives you and what makes your heart sing using Life Coaching.

Wendy is skilled in many areas of her life so is able to help with running a business, work, family, social or financial problems.

Get back to doing what makes you thrive.
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Applied Kinesiology

Applied Kinesiology is a technique that reduces stress because your body and mind come back into alignment. 

After an Applied Kinesiology session your right and left brain will be balanced and you will be able to both think and feel when faced with a challenging situation.

Many of us "over think" and others "over feel" both of these extremes cause sabbotage behaviours.

When we are too busy our bodies become tight and we "over think" and when we are overwhelmed our muscles become too loose and we "over feel". A session will create the correct tone in your muscles plus you will learn new life skills so afterwards you will feel and behave differently in a stressful situation.

Ice and Fire

Wendy is an internationally trained Fire Walking Instructor.

Wendy has done the 10 week online Wim Hof Method course and attended the Polish intensive with Wim.

These methods train the mind and so Wendy is able to support you to learn the focus of "being" or the "letting go" that is required to be successful when challenged by life.
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Manipulative Physiotherapy

Back Pain Wendy has a special interest in disc & referred pain.

Vertigo - Assessment and Treatment

Breathing, Focus Cold Exposure Courses to Hack your Health

Spinal Pain

Assessment of Difficult and Chronic Conditions

Ease your Arthritis and learn how to get stronger.

Wendy's travel stories

Travel Blog