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Have you ever had a relationship when you felt that you were secure only for something simple to happen and you felt like you were falling away from each other and out of touch yet again?

This is a common feeling when commitment levels are not equal. I will explain the five levels of commitment, how to move from one level to another and how to increase and decrease involvement in a healthy way for both parties.

Understand Commitment Levels
Having different commitment levels is a deal breaker in any relationship be it with friends, family or a partner.

Firstly I will explain the five types of commitment and what is expected at each level.
  1. Acquaintances - These are people you know either socially, in your community or at work. You may or may not know their name and you don’t really know much about them.  The only time you meet them is by chance at events, in the streets or at work. 
  2. Casual Friends or if you are dating you are dating them and others at the same time. These are people who you have a conversation with at events like parties, you may have a coffee date with them or meet them at your friends parties. However, you don’t see them much otherwise. In a love relationship you are dating them and others at the same time.
  3. Good friends/"Going steady" - These are friends that you occasionally invite to your house or you will support each other at times. You invite them to your parties or you may let them know when you have a problem — however, mostly you would call a closer friend instead. In a love relationship, in the old days this was called “going steady” where you are dating them exclusively. 
  4. Engaged/Close Friend  - In a love relationship you are planning a long term relationship together.  With a friend you both feel free to drop into each others homes without an invitation. These people include you and you them at parties and you ask them for support when things go wrong.
  5. Married/Your Best Friend. This is someone you trust to be your next of kin or your Trustee in a will. You may give them the keys to your house so that when you lose your keys you ring them. In a love relationship this is when you are married or living together. Either way you depend upon each other to celebrate when things go well or support each other when life gets tough.

Having different commitment levels is like having two totally different legal documents for one situation. Each person believes that their document is the right one so there is no room for negotiation. This is a extremely stressful position to be in and I can guarantee fruitless arguments that repeat themselves.

For example; some people believe that they can be married yet, still have other sexual partners. When both people want this it is OK and can work. However, is one person believes that being married means being sexually exclusive then the genie is out of the bottle regarding pain, disconnection, distress and a building resentment.

Always discuss this with your partner or friend when you move from one level to another. You can ask them exactly what they believe is true for that next stage of commitment.

Different commitment levels is a deal breaker. Either change your commitment level to match theirs or move on.
I’m reminding you that you can’t make them change — so don't try. 

Increased involvement — How to Commit to a Relationship.

Many people go from meeting someone to planning for a long term relationship in a few months while the lust is hot and the they barely know each other.  
It is like a building with poor foundations. 

A well built house has a great deal of planning and time put into the foundations.  

This is because if the foundations are rushed and not well planned eventually the building will lean, topple or crack up. The building doesn't have longevity.

If you want longevity in your relationship, take your time and move from level one to level five over a period of 18 months or even longer.

When you and your partner feel secure and loved at your best and at your worst that is when you have a good chance at a long term lasting and committed relationship.

If you have not seen your partner under stress it is important to wait until you do.

We are all charming and lovely when we are relaxed and feeling loved in a new relationship. 

This stage — as wonderful is it is — has a short life span and then the real person with normal human faults and fears will be shown. 

Wait until you have shown your partner your faulty, fearful side and see if they are supportive, kind and allow you to take responsibility for your own stuff. 

If they are; then it is OK to move forward. If not, then either get some therapy together and learn to communicate or;


Move on…”

Wait until your partner has shown their faulty fearful side and see if you can handle it. 

Again, either do some therapy so that you can hold that space for them when they are fearful or move on, if their faulty side is not your thing.

Of course, their faulty side will not be your thing! 

Just make sure that you work on yourself so that you don't judge them. 

This will give them the space and kindness so that they have the opportunity to feel safe enough to take responsibility for their faulty side. If they don't take this opportunity then move on.

Decreased Involvement — How to move on in a healthy way.

Just as a new relationship is best if it moves from level one then two slowly increasing the levels of commitment until the relationship is at level five. 

It is just as important for a long term relationship to gently move down the levels over a long period of time so that both parties have the opportunity to be change.

When a relationship has this opportunity many people commit again and they return back up the scale to level five.

It is a recipe for drama to jump levels in or out of a relationship.

When a married person is unhappy in the relationship they usually try to talk about it for years and the person who wants the relationship to stay the same — the one in denial — will ignore them.

Finally the unhappy person moves out of the house and often hardly speaks to them. 

Mostly the person in denial will be shocked! Even although the unhappy person has been frustrated and trying to get them to wake up for years.

OK, this is not about blame this is simply that the person in denial is too frightened to face change.

The person in denial doesn’t realise how important it is to communicate, and when the unhappy person suddenly goes from Level five to Level two (Casual friends) they become even more fearful and that is when they can do really stupid things.

To wake up a person in denial the unhappy person can choose  to initially move out of the bedroom. This can be enough for the person in denial to actually take them seriously and start to communicate or do counselling. 

If the unhappy person is not taken seriously at this stage then they can negotiate living in different homes (going steady).

If the person who is in denial still doesn’t communicate then the unhappy person can go back to being friends with them. (Dating them and others) and so it goes on.

This approach will allow the person in denial to slowly get use to the idea that they too are responsible for creating the relationship. 

The person in denial will not get so bitter and twisted and do silly things to “get back” at the — in their eyes — disloyal, demanding and unhappy partner.

In their view of the world they were happy with the way things were and don't want the relationship to change.
Disclaimer — Exception
There is one exception to this rule and that is when one party is a psychopath/sociopath. If this is the case then the partners life can be in danger. In this case the unhappy partner has to be very quick and intelligent about how to escape and make sure that the other party doesn’t know where they went. 

However, for the vast majority of relationships it is important to be able to grow the trust, love and friendship as the relationship changes levels of involvement either way so that you enter and leave your relationships in love.

Commitment Levels so that your Relationships Thrive

To sum up; 

Differing commitment levels in a relationship are sure to create pain and suffering for both parties. Different commitment levels are a major incompatibility that can not be overcome. Just don’t do it. 

Increase and decrease your commitment levels over a period of time so that you can grow trust together. 

Don’t skip levels of commitment or you will end up with pain and suffering resulting in bitter resentment and unkindness. 

Be kind to yourself and allow a relationship to grow or wane gradually so that you can understand each other.

The next blog is about assessing the compatibility of your partner and  assess if it has the capacity to have the five to one rule that is required for a happy long term relationship. 

That is five positive events for every negative event. These events need to be of equal intensity.

You will then learn how to choose people who have the capacity to have long term healthy relationships with you.
<![CDATA[The Love Sandwich & How to say "No"]]>Sun, 02 Oct 2016 11:47:09 GMThttp://wendyschulze.com/blog/the-love-sandwich-and-how-to-say-noWhen you use the Love Sandwich you can speak about difficult subjects without offending the other person. 

It is the way to say "No" in a way that creates connection rather than distance.
Do you sometime feel like these two dogs?  

This is when both people love each other and want a quality relationship. 

However, there is an issue that they can't agree on and neither party will let go of their side of the issue.

This makes each person very sensitive when the problem is raised. When one person finally speaks about it both are really defensive and nothing gets resolved.

The love sandwich allows the love to be acknowledged as well as the issue. 

It allows the whole truth of the situation.

The love sandwich is an honest way to speak about difficulties in relationships in a way that doesn’t put the other person off side.

The “filling” of the sandwich it the difficult subject and the “bread” is some comment about how your relationship is important.

Here are some examples of how you could use this technique.

 Obviously you would have to rephrase it in your own way — this is just an example to get you started.

Love - The Issue - Love

In a primary relationship you could use the following words. These are my words not yours so you will obviously adjust it for yourself.

The Love — Our relationship is really important to me and I want us to be really connected.
Filling — I feel that we are on a different page when we discipline the children and I feel that this doesn't make our children feel safe.
The Love — I want us to have a connected and happy family where the children feel their parents are congruent. Can we discuss when you have had some time to think about it?

In a work relationship you could use the following words. 

The Love — You have always been a valued member of our team.
Filling — I know it gets really busy here, however, I have had a couple of clients upset at the way you answer the phone. It is important that the phone is answered in a calm and kind way no matter how busy you are.
The Love — What structures do you need to support you to  be happy at your work and to to answer the phone in a kind and calm voice?

With a teenager

The Love — You know that I love my children so much, you are all a really important part of my life.
Filling — In healthy families all people help around the house and I want this family to remain healthy.
The Love — Here is a list of jobs please pick three and see if you can do them without being reminded. Thanks my beautiful girl.

The Love Sandwich to say "No".

The Love — Thank you so much for inviting me/including me/asking me.
Filling — However, that will not work for me/I am already busy then/ etc.
The Love — It was really kind of you to think of me so thank you so much.

When saying No, if the other person asks why you can't do it just say.

"I'd rather not talk about it." or "I'd rather not discuss it".

Do not explain yourself as that will not work.

Often when you use the love sandwich people will cooperate because they don't feel judged and they can feel that you love them.

Give it a try and let me know if it works.
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Your back and leg pain maybe coming from your lumbar disc, this video will allow you to feel confident in the anatomy, physiology and exercises if this is the case.

​It will let you know how the exercises work so that you heal your disc and get your spine flexible again.

Disc Pain – how does it behave?
Disc pain is an intermittent deep dull ache with a nerve like feeling like a toothache, there may or may not be tingling, pins and needles sensations, hot or cold, numbness or in extreme cases weakness. Very occasionally the pain can be constant.

The area of pain is important for the diagnosis of disc injuries — it will follow the distinct pattern of a nerve root. If you want to find out your level of disc injury take a look at this dermatome chart.

Sometimes there is no inflammation so the pain is a searing jolt in certain postures as the disc is trapped.

The pain is better initially with rest or gentle movement. It gets worse with prolonged rest or movement — this means that it is often painful and stiff in the mornings or after sitting. It is always worse with prolonged or heavy movement. When you get up from sitting it is often tight, painful or “gluey” for a minute or two as you straighten. When the pressure is taken off the disc the referred pain (leg pain) immediately eases —this is your body telling you to do that movement.

This picture on the left shows the anatomy of a disc with the gluey nucleus pulposis surrounded by the fibrous annulus fibrosis.

Disc Creep - Nucleus Tracking
When a person is in good posture the nucleus pulposis sits centrally as in the first picture showing the spine from the side. When you bend forward it tracks backwards. When you bend backwards it tracks forward. 

This is normal and natural — it also tracks from side to side.

In our culture we now sit more than at anytime in human history (school, university, cars, computer, TV, travel, airplanes, etc.) so our nucleus is often bulging back and this creates tiny tears in the annulus. 

The nerve and blood supply of a disc

The disc has no nerve supply so you can be tearing your disc without knowing.
One day you do something and these tears join up and you get a bulge. The bulge then presses against soft tissue that has a very good nerve supply and then you get pain.

This will cause inflammation of the soft tissues and nerve root.  Much of the pain could simply be just inflammation, you can have a minor bulge with lots of inflammation that is extremely painful.

Exercises for your disc

Just as you can have bad habits that push the nucleus into a bulge you can have good exercises that push the nucleus back into place. This exercise can help you to push your bulge back in.

Before exercising check how much movement you have without pain while bending side to side, forwards and backwards.

The exercise is called “the cobra” in yoga. If it is bilateral (both sides) then keep the legs straight.

Push up until you get a “good hurt” but not into pain. (The edge in yoga)  If you push into pain you will make yourself worse because you will cause your big back muscles to go into spasm.  

Feel your body and be gentle with yourself, just push up to the first bit of pain. If the push up is too painful then relax and use an anti-inflammatory cream or an ice pack for 30 minutes and then try again the next day.

Do the exercise ten times. Then get up and see if you can move more freely. If you are able to move better then repeat the exercise up to three times. (30 exercises in total) 

If you do too much you may cause inflammation so just do a bit at a time. 

If the pain is unilateral (one sided) have your legs to the side of pain.  

That means if the pain is off to the left or down your left leg bring your legs over to the left.

If your pain is off to the right then bring your legs to the right as shown here.

Relax and push up keeping your buttocks relaxed and focusing on what is happening in your body.

Centralizing the Pain

Each nerve root is a bundle of small nerve fibers.  The most outer fibers supply the parts close to the spinal cord and the inner fibers supply the foot. This means the further down your leg the pain goes the more severe the injury or inflammation. Your job is to centralize the pain doing the exercises

IMPORTANT !!! - The pain must to CENTRALIZE

It is even OK if you feel that “the exercises have fixed my leg but you have ruined my back.” 

This is great news. The inflammatory back pain is easy to fix and will settle easily with Physiotherapy (ultrasound, movement, dry needle acupuncture etc.) time or massage.

The leg pain is a real problem and could lead to AN OPERATION if you don’t do the exercises and you keep the habits you had that caused the bulge in the first place. Eventually it will sequestrate and this means that it will burst. This is a disaster, but in three months your marvelous body will absorb most of the nucleus material and you will get better, However, nowadays with such an over supply of money in medicine you will feel that you have to have surgery to remove this disc material then you will be on the roller coaster of putting your life in the hands of others with surgery, scar tissue etc. With that said if the bulge is huge you may need to do this.

If the leg pain gets worse in your leg stop doing the exercise and get professional help you will either have a huge bulge, it would have burst or you may have an anterior protrusion.
Spinal Posture

There are three natural curves and this allows your spine to have spring. You put pressure on a disc when sitting at the computer, in cars, in flights, in front of TV etc. If you have good posture you will have these curves in all positions including in sitting. 

This supports your disc to be healthy. When sitting use a support in your low back to keep the lowest curve and this will cause good posture for your whole spine. There is no point in doing this exercise only to sit in poor posture and make it bulge again.

Disc Nutrition and Time to Heal

The disc has no direct blood supply so relies on movement to remove waste and bring in fresh nutrition. Therefore it takes much longer than a muscle to heal. Therefore keep doing the exercises for at least six weeks after all the pain has eased.

Anterior Protrusion

Every now and again the disc protrudes in the other direction so if you find that you are not able to centralize the pain after dealing with your inflammation then stop the exercises and see a professional. 

General Health 
Your body requires nutrients, exercise and the correct belief to heal.

Your body becomes acidic if you have too much of a Western Lifestyle. This is too little exercise, processed food and high chemical exposure plus other bad habits such as being too comfortable for too long and this creates a weak outlook on what is possible for the human body.

Wim Hof’s course is a great way to kick start your body into getting a better pH. plus face your lifestyle. The breathing exercises have been scientifically validated to create a more alkaline body.

If you want to know more about pH and how you can get healthier cells see my website.

Nutrients - If you eat processed food you will not have the building blocks for healing. You need certain minerals, vitamins and other nutrients for your nerves and muscles and other body systems to work correctly. 

Exercises - Your body thrives on exercise so at the very least 10 minutes of exercise that makes you really puff and sweat every two days. Much more is heaps better. I personally run 5 kilometers with 30 second sprints twice a week, windsurf, cycle and go for long walks, plus since I have completed the 10 week Wim Hof course I have included Wim’s yoga exercises twice weekly. Exercise stimulates your cardio-vascular system and releases all those toxins of a Western Lifestyle.

Belief - Finally focus on health, healing and feeling strong. Create the faith that you can overcome your problem. 

This means taking your focus from your pain (what you don’t want) onto what you do want. 

Most of us want health and a comfortable body in which to live. Become sensitive to your body and you will be rewarded. 

Your body can only speak to you through pain and pleasure. Reach for the pleasure — do what feels right for you and over time you will be rewarded.

<![CDATA[Beliefs—Where do they come from?]]>Sun, 18 Oct 2015 08:03:24 GMThttp://wendyschulze.com/blog/beliefswhere-do-they-come-fromDid you know that your beliefs are a foreign instillation? — That they are not really yours?

Beliefs are the “software” of your brain. We all know the computing phrase “garbage in garbage out”. It is no different for your brain. 

This blog is about upgrading the garbage software of your brain and keeping the good stuff.

Your beliefs come from your parents, society, school, the media and your friends mostly in the first years of your life. 

If your parents/carers told you that you were loved, then deep down you will believe that. If you were told that you were unlovable and stupid, then deep down you will believe that. 

All of your beliefs are neither true or false. We can all be loving and unlovable at times! It is important to understand your focus, do you focus on the negative about yourself of the positive?

If a belief makes you feel empowered and happy then keep it. 

When you have a belief that makes you feel disempowered or unhappy then it is a good idea to change it.

Beliefs about Death

This photo is of a Bali funeral where the Balanese celebrate the wonderful luck of the dead person who has been released from a life of suffering. 

In the West most people believe that  death is something to avoid at all costs and when someone dies it is something to grieve not celebrate.

What belief have you chosen about death—one that makes you feel good about death or one that makes you fearful?

How to change your Beliefs

Just as software can be deleted, reinstalled and cleaned up so can your beliefs.

If you find a belief that is limiting you then you can delete the belief and reinstall a better one. This can be fun and easy if you understand that ALL BELIEFS ARE JUST MADE UP. There is no such thing as the "truth". The truth is only a set of beliefs. If you want to understand more about the truth then take a look at this blog.

You can change your thoughts in an instant with an insight, a conversation or a phrase in a book.

A well worded affirmation or focusing on feeling the feeling that you would get with a new belief are also very effective ways of changing your beliefs.

You can also change them with Kinesiology, Psychology, Counseling, reading personal growth books or Meditation. This is exciting stuff!

You may find that you have many of the same beliefs as your parents or extended family. Particularly if you were bought up in a family with a very strong Scientific, Religious or Cultural code. 

When I travel I notice that many cultures have beliefs that are often opposite to the beliefs of Australians. 

That is just the way it is!
For example; In India cannabis is legal and alcohol was not. 

In Australia alcohol is legal and cannabis is not. 

These two different countries have very different beliefs about these two drugs.

Neither belief is right of wrong — they just are. 

Limiting your life because of your Gender

Using gender to limit your life is probably a belief that is worth letting go of.
  • I can't do that because I'm a female/male/other.
  • They won't let me do that because I am a female/male/other.
Many cultures and religions have very strong beliefs that limit the genders. These beliefs are neither right nor wrong just different so there is nothing to defend. 

If you want to keep limiting beliefs that is OK. 

However, if these beliefs stop you from living the life you want then a "software upgrade" is required. The best part of this is that only you can do that.

There have been many brilliant and successful women/homosexual and male leaders during the ages as there have been many caring and nurturing males/homosexuals/trans/women. 

Your gender is not an excuse to limit yourself unless that is what you want.

To sum up...

To sum up the important trick to having a powerful life is to actually choose your beliefs and let go of beliefs that make you feel pain, fear of disempowerment.
<![CDATA[Inflammation - THE Western Lifestyle disease]]>Thu, 09 Jul 2015 11:38:30 GMThttp://wendyschulze.com/blog/inflammation-the-western-lifestyle-disease
Your lifestyle is either inflammatory or healthy. Food, chemicals, exercise, habits and other things that you have in your life are either inflammatory or they are healthy.

It is a fact that everything that we consume or allow to  be absorbed through the lungs or skin will either make us inflamed or not.

When a person eats processed food and ingests chemicals such as chlorine in the drinking water they change the balance of the gut bacteria. This change in gut bacteria then makes their body inflamed. An inflammatory body the triggers the "weak" genetics that they have so that they are more likely to get a Western Lifestyle Disease.

Western Lifestyle Diseases are:
  • Stroke
  • Cancer
  • Heart Disease
  • Osteoporosis
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Neurological conditions such as Dementia, ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Multiple Sclerosis plus many more
  • Arthritis
  • etc. There are many chronic inflammatory conditions due to the Western Lifestyle the list long because we have such different genetics.

These diseases are rare in places that have not yet been infected by the Western Lifestyle.

How do I know if I have an inflamed body?

A person with an inflamed body will have acid excreted in their urine, saliva and sweat. Therefore if you want to know how inflamed you are you can test your urine. The healthy pH reading these body fluids are between 6.5 to 7.5.
If you are below 6.5 you are acidic. It is easy to get testing papers at the chemist or online. 

To know more about this visit this site flinderslanephysio.com.au

How to be Healthy and No Longer Inflamed

In order to get a healthy body with a healthy pH the following areas of your life will require some permanent changes. 
  • Eating whole foods (no more processed food) This is a whole area where Western people feel that they are eating "healthy" foods because the big food companies have brainwashed us to think that sugar, chemicals, bad fats and food that has been manipulated from the original stage are "healthy."
  • Restoring healthy gut bacteria that has diversity and balance.
  • Eliminating chemicals from the food, water and environment. These chemicals disrupt hormones and create an unbalanced gut thus creating inflammation.
  • Being mindful to restore a healthy gut after using medications and antibiotics.
  • Regular exercise is anti-inflammatory plus it positively alters your mood.
  • Stress reduction - adrenal fatigue and inflammation occurs if you dont get a break from feeling stressed.

Lifestyle Changes for Health

Just as you can have a lifestyle that makes you inflamed it is possible to have a lifestyle that is healthy and to reverse your likelihood of a Western disease.

Lifestyle changes are for life so it is not a "diet" or "exercise program" or a temporary change in the way you clean your house, body or foods.

I will be blogging about each of these subjects over the next weeks to help you fine tune a healthier lifestyle.
It is hard to be in pain or ill

it is hard to make the changes that you need to make to get healthy 


Wendy Schox

<![CDATA[The gut and health]]>Fri, 26 Jun 2015 11:42:16 GMThttp://wendyschulze.com/blog/the-gut-and-health

Western Lifestyle and chronic disease

I've just read a fascinating book by David Perlmutter called BRAIN MAKER. 

David is a neurologist and nutritionist so his book is full of exciting research on how people with Western Lifestyle diseases are improved by restoring healthy gut flora.

He cites research where the flora of an obese mouse put into a normal weight mouse. This causes the normal mouse to put on weight when eating the same diet as before. The opposite happened when the researches transferred the normal mouse gut flora to the obese mouse - the obsess mouse looses weight on the same diet.

There are many other research papers that he cites regarding the gut flora transfer causing a reduction or cessation of symptoms with depression, Multiple Sclerosis, Tourettes syndrome, anxiety  etc.


David has examples of research showing the difference of gut flora in more tribal African people compared with the West and how they have NONE OF THESE DISEASES that we find so common.

Below I have given a very short synopsis of the book. 

Chronic Inflammation

Chronic inflammation is the one key constant for people who suffer from a Western Lifestyle disease.

Inflammation triggers your weak genetics.  If your family has the genes for obesity then if you have inflammation you are more likely to trigger that gene and become obese.

Ditto for the other western “lifestyle” diseases.

Examples of inflammatory Chronic Western Lifestyle diseases are:
  • Physical chronic conditions such as Cancer, Diabetes, Obesity, Stoke, High Blood pressure, Osteoporosis, Arthritic pain etc.
  • Auto immune diseases such as irritable bowel, celiac, Motor Neurones Disease etc.
  • Neurological issues such as Anxiety, depression, ADHD, Autism, Fatigue, Insomnia, Tourettes syndrome, Multiple Sclerosis and Dementia etc.
  • Fertility diseases - Infertility, polycystic ovaries, endometriosis, fibroids, inflammatory pelvic disease etc.

If you have any of the above Western Diseases it could be important for you to restore your gut flora so that your inflammation ceases and your body has a chance of healing.

How does a Western Lifestyle cause poor gut flora?

There are three ways that the Western Lifestyle causes poor gut flora.

Western people kill of their gut flora the following ways:
  • Antibiotics
  •  Environmental chemicals – foods now contain added chemicals, pesticides and GMO's. Plus they can contain chemicals from food preparation and storage products and this leaves toxic residues in the food. There are chemicals in our personal care products, antibacterial “hand wash” and toxic cleaning products. These are some of the environmental chemicals that upset the gut bacteria ratio.
  • Sugar and gluten
  • Chlorine in water
  • Chronic emotional stress - Chronic stress affects the working of the gut – this is why you feel “butterflies in your stomach” or get “the runs” when stressed.
On top of poisoning our good bacteria with the above most Western people don’t eat what the gut bacteria require to thrive. There is a lack of nutrients and fiber in the diet that support the good bacteria to grow. These are called Pre-biotics.

Hydration - Quality Water

You may think that you are making yourself healthy drinking water but if it has chlorine in it then your gut bacteria are being damaged so that you are more likely to become inflammatory and get a Western Lifestyle disease.

The quality of the water you drink is important. Use a filter to get rid of the chlorine in the water that you drink. Dont drink from plastic, use glass or stainless steel containers.

The reason that there is chlorine in swimming pool water is to kill bacteria, this is what the chlorine in our drinking water does.


Diverse gut flora in the correct ratio has three effects:
1.     They reduce inflammation
2.     They keep the intestinal wall patent so that you don’t get a leaky gut
3.     They produce serotonin and other happy hormones for mental health. The gut produces more serotonin than the brain!

Eat pre-biotics so that the probiotic bacteria thrive and multiply. Here are the top twelve prebiotic foods. 
1.     Raw Chicory root
2.     Raw Jerusalem artichoke
4.     Raw Dandelion greens
5.     Raw Garlic
6.     Raw Leek
7.     Raw Onion
8.     Cooked Onion: 
9.     Raw Asparagus
10.   Raw Wheat bran
11.   Wheat flour, baked
12.  Raw Banana
The science of pre-biotics is new and even although African nations have diverse gut bacteria they often don't eat much of the specific foods in the above list. However, they do eat a large amount of plant fibre and don't have much exposure to pollutants.

Probiotics add some to your diet daily

Probiotics are foods that contain the "good" bacteria that will restore your gut health. Add some of these foods to your diet daily for the rest of your life.

  • Plain live cultured yoghurt  (no sugar and full fat) – this can be either milk or coconut. you can jazz up with berries or other fruits.
  • Kefir a fermented dairy product
  • Kombucha – this is a fermented black tea fizzy and served chilled.
  • Tempeh – Fermented soybeans
  • Kimchi – This is a spicy food from Korea.
  • Sauerkraut – Fermented cabbage
  • Pickles
  • Brine pickled fruit and vegetables 
  • Pickled meat, eggs and fish

Eat whole food (real food not food "products")

Healthy whole foods are as follows:
  • Vegetables 
  • Low sugar fruits such as avocado, bell peppers, cucumber, tomato, courgettes squash pumpkin aubergines, lemons and limes.
  • Healthy fats – extra virgin olive oil, sesame oil, coconut oil, grass fed tallow, organic butter, ghee, almond milk, avocados, olives, nuts and nut butters, cheese except blue cheese, and seeds.
  • Protein - Grass fed meat, wild fish , shell fish, whole eggs and wild game.
  • Herbs seasonings and condiments
  • Wine, coffee and chocolate in moderation.

This is all about how to achieve this and if you want to know more read :

BRAIN MAKER book by David Perlmutter – David is a Neurologist and Nutritionist so a world authority on the subject of the brain and nutrition. If you want to know more about David here is his link Dr Perlmutter

Faecal transfers and probiotic enemas

Sometimes when someone is extremely ill then simple pre-biolitcs or oral probiotics are not enough. Dr Perlmutter explains how you can quick start the bacteria restoration by using  the normal oral probiotics and administer them using an enema. He also explains when a faecal transfer is required.
<![CDATA[Getting friendly with the concept of Death]]>Sat, 28 Feb 2015 14:25:11 GMThttp://wendyschulze.com/blog/all-about-deathBeliefs about death
Most people in the Western culture act as though death is a failure — not as a normal part of life. I have heard friends complain about the medical system when their ageing parents get ill and then die. Even when they are over 80!
These people often blame the medical doctors for not "saving their lives". This is a symptom of the crazy beliefs we are taught here in the West. 

We Western people have a "junk food" approach to eating and a "junk life" approach to death. In both cases more is better and don't give a damn about the quality.
In Bali death is celebrated as freedom from the difficulties of life — they believe that death if normal. 

In Islam people believe that death is Gods fate the “will of Allah” so they have less angst when someone dies.   

These different beliefs allows those cultures to have more acceptance of death — even when it involves a young child.
In the West many people use someone’s death as the main reason to not live life fully. The death of a close family member is used as an excuse to grieve for the rest of their lives — and this is supported and considered “normal”.

Your personal beliefs about death

Anything that anyone says about death is just conjecture. It is made up. Heaven and Hell, spirits, souls, the light, ghosts etc. 

Some people have had near death experiences and they can be an interesting start to help you make up your own beliefs.

I suggest that you make up some beliefs about death that make you feel good about dying.  

If we do create your own reality then maybe whatever we believe about death is what happens?

The only belief that is true about death is that our human bodies are all going to die.

Death at any age is normal

Once you realise that we will all die, the street people, the Pope, the Queen and yes… YOU — life becomes worth living because you could die in five minutes time.

How exciting and freeing is that?

Yep, not only is death normal but it could happen at any moment 
— that too is normal

When you accept that death is normal and can happen at any minute then you can fully live your life as you wish.

 In the face of death nothing that anyone else says or does or thinks about you matters.
They too will die, just as you will. With this in mind we all have the right to live our lives as we wish.

In the face of our death we can choose to become powerful and live life fully.

Suicide, abortion, murder and other politically incorrect ways to die.

Now, I am not saying to choose suicide, commit murder or have an abortion. I am here to give some perspective.

In every culture in the world a certain number of people choose to suicide, abort or they die from a murder. This is a normal part of the "bell curve" of death/life.

If someone dies in one of these ways then it is probably not what most people would prefer, however it is something that has been happening since life started here on earth.

This is also true for may animals. Those lemmings that run off the cliff, the whales that get stranded on the beach are really good at suicide. This is unfortunate, maybe not what you would consider "ideal" however, it is actually a part of living and life.

Not that long ago in indigenous cultures the world over it was "normal" to go and in a bloody way wipe out the tribe next door.

Stephen Pinker wrote a book on violence called "The better Angels of our Nature". He says that traditional cultures had a death BY VIOLENCE rate of about 50%. 

Our current rate of death by violence in Australia is about 1.5 per 100,000 — this has dropped by 50% in the last 15 years. Death by violence was much more normal once than it is now.

It was not so long ago in our Western culture men would get out swords and guns at dawn and this was a normal part of life. Not pleasant but some people choose to do these things — it was the "culture".

We are living at a great time of peace and prosperity and at times forget that humans since the beginning of time has died younger and more violently than we do. 

This has made us "precious" about death. You can choose to remain precious or you can choose to realise that death is NORMAL and live your life fully whilst you can!

Be grateful for your peaceful life and at the same time remember that you too will die.

The perfect time to die


There is a perfect time to die

There is a perfect time to die

This time is somewhere between conception and 140 years old. Every age between these two dates is the perfect time to die.

Relax and know that you too will die at the perfect time for you.

Getting over Grief

When a close family member or friend dies some are bereft with grief for ages or until they too die. The West has a cultural belief that you "never really get over the death of a loved one..."

However, you can get over the death of a loved one when you realise that dying is normal — for them and for you. 

When someone dies we are encouraged by our culture to feel our loss.

We are not encouraged to feel our gratitude for that person for all those years that they were alive in our life.

If you want to feel less grief and go back to living a life of joy then focus on the good times that you had together, and know that you were lucky to have them in your life for so long.

When grieving focus being grateful for the good times

Use your Death as your advisor


Make death your advisor and reclaim your life.

You can choose to live with death as your advisor. In this way you will instantly "cut the  "%$#!" out of your present life. In the face of death you can let go of the petty things in life.

When you realise that you can die at any moment — life becomes precious —  you will embrace doing what makes your heart sing.

Life will open up and your fear of "hurting someones feelings" by being yourself will ease.

You will become bold and honest and do what is really right for you.
When your death is your advisor you will be free and allow others freedom.

<![CDATA[Is there such thing as "The Truth"?]]>Tue, 17 Feb 2015 13:50:16 GMThttp://wendyschulze.com/blog/beliefs-a-foreign-instillationAll truths in life have been made up by a human — they are not “true” they are actually just an outcome of what a particular human or group of humans have focused on.

The TRUTH expands as you gather information 
— therefore the truth changes over time 

In the past the beliefs of a society were made by the wealthy men of that society, The women were too busy having babies and looking after children — before contraception was available — to have the time to make up the “rules” (read beliefs) of that society.

This is why religions, governments and businesses don’t have many woman in power — sure they have the token woman but the world is still controlled by rich men and we are subject to their beliefs about what is best for us.
The truths of our society are just made up by someone… 
even “scientific fact” is just a set of current truths.

This is not to put men, religion or science down — this is just the way the power structure has occurred due to biology.

This is now changing in the West, since Western women have had control over contraception they are more able to contribute.

You can choose to keep the truth of the rich men, your parents and your childish self and have the life you have now or you can also choose to let go of and make up your own beliefs and truth for you.

This is up to you — it is like giving up anything — it is a simple decision.

You can also choose to believe that; to give up a belief is easy or hard, this belief is also up to you.
Reviewing and releasing beliefs can be quick and easy

I find it really easy to let go of beliefs that no longer serve me and so it is — for me!

I also notice that many of the people who seek help from me believe the opposite and that is their experience. 

I encourage you to believe that it is easy to move forward and become balanced and happy.

Those rich men who own the media, made up culture, religion and control the law of the land force their beliefs on to the society so that they stay rich and in charge. 

They have created many of your ideas of the truth so that you remain the victim to them.

The masses have been encouraged to keep doing the co-dependent things by being told that they are a  “good person” to keep up the beliefs of the people in power.

Co-dependence — Looking after others before looking after yourself.

It can be the feeling of self righteousness when "caretake" other adults at the expense of yourself.

Co dependance results in resentment for both parties. 

Your beliefs and therefore the truth about life are only yours if you actively choose them.

Believe that you deserve lack and you feel lack — focus and believe that you deserve success — you will feel successful.


Emotions follow your beliefs.

Once you realize that emotions follow beliefs and that you can change your focus then life gets exciting and you get in control of your emotional life.

If you create beliefs that are powerful and kind, you will feel great about yourself and then get motivated and have a fun successful life.

You set up your present and your future with the energy of your thoughts.

You can change your thoughts in an instant using affirmations, feelings Kinesiology, Psychology, Counseling, reading personal growth books or Meditation.

Here are some common worthlessness beliefs

  • I am not OK
  • I always seem to get it wrong
  •  I feel stupid/blocked/etc.
  • I try my best and it always works out wrong
  • Everyone else seems to get it right
  • There is something wrong with me
  • Life is hopeless
  • How come I am always the victim?

Here are some different beliefs that would make a person feel more self worth.

  • I am OK exactly as I am
  • Mistakes show me what not to do, so I grow when I make mistakes.
  • I enjoy my mistakes and successes — they are life’s lessons
  • When I do an unskilled thing it is simply because I haven’t been taught better, I can skill up and get to know how to do anything
  • I try my best and that is good enough
  • Life is what it is and I make the best of it
  • I know that the bully victim dynamic is just a pattern and I now skill up around that pattern!

It probably took a couple of experiences to learn your negative beliefs. This is also true for the positive ones. I advise you to “fake it ‘til you make it!” when you are changing your beliefs.

Just tell yourself something that gives you relief from your negative belief.

For example if you feel shame about who you are you may not be able to tell yourself that you are fantastic straight up.

Start by telling yourself: “It is possible that I am OK exactly as I am” and when you are ready maybe a week or two later try the I’m OK exactly as I am” then go onto “I’m a fantastic expression of “all that is/God” powerful, wonderful and loving.”

Here are some common “fear of lack” beliefs.

  • I never have enough money
  • I don’t earn enough to get by
  • Money slips through my fingers
  • I get all confused when I think about money
  • Rich people are selfish and greedy
  • Bosses are greedy and take their staff for granted and use them.
  • Money doesn’t grow on trees

Here are some different beliefs that would make a person feel more abundant
  •  I learn to handle my money so that I always have enough
  • I now learn the money habits of the wealthy 
  • Money sticks to my fingers and thrives in my purse/wallet
  • Some rich people are selfish and greedy some are not
  • Some poor people are selfish and greedy and some are not 
  • Bosses and staff need each other— it is an important relationship for both.
  • If I owned an orchard my money would be growing on the trees!

Please make a choice to not take your beliefs personally — you have unconsciously absorbed them and now is the time to consciously review them.

Now is your time to write down the beliefs about yourself and life that drive you nuts and change them. 

Simply write down what you do want to believe about yourself and life and then focus on how it would FEEL if you really believed the new belief.

Actively choose the beliefs that you want to believe

In this way you change the "truth" of your life.

<![CDATA[Why most chronic pain treatments don't work and what to do about it.]]>Sun, 19 Oct 2014 07:18:34 GMThttp://wendyschulze.com/blog/why-most-chronic-pain-treatments-dont-work-and-what-to-do-about-itPicture
Hey! Are you a person who has pain that comes and goes yet, it never seems to really go? You try different treatment yet you feel like you are going around in a circle.

Do you lie awake at night feeling hopeless and annoyed that you don’t be the director of your life because of your pain? Is your life controlled by your pain and helpless feelings?

Lots of people believe that their pain is just something they have to put up with or that as they get older they will get aches and pains and that’s just the way it is.

Others are young and have pain and it comes and goes but never seems to disappear. When they seek help it “fixes” the pain but it always seems to come back. Most of these people have tried lots of medical treatments and they get more or less the same results each time.

Others just feel stuck and don’t know what to do to get healthier or out of pain. They have asked their Doctor, Physio, Naturopath, Psychologist or others only to be given instructions that don’t really work in the long term.

If you are one of these people — my ease chronic pain system will put you in control of finding the right help. Additionally you will be taught what you all that you need to know about easing your pain and getting healthier. 

Easing and healing chronic pain is a journey and it takes time. This blog will take you on that journey so that you can slowly get back in charge of your life.