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Do you want to get out of your own way and become wild? Do you want to do more of what you want? More things that make your heart sing? Would you like to give up your humdrum life?

Do you ever feel that life has not much meaning? One of Wendy's phrases is :

"The only meaning life has is the meaning you choose to give it."

You are actually free to create a life with meaning — Wendy will challenge you to have more fun and aliveness in your day.

In 2016 Wendy completed the 10 week online course and then climbed Mt Sniezka in Poland with Wim Hof in shorts and a bra in minus 30 degree temperatures. 

Then Wendy walked on hot coals, broke bricks with her bare hands, walked on broken glass and did other amazing things at a Fire Walking Instructors training course in Sweden. 

Wendy didn't think she could do these things before she did — so maybe you will be the same. Her courses will allow you to experience how you are more capable than you realise.

Get wild, and learn from your own inner wisdom. Miracles occur when you get out of your programmed mind set.

Let the miracles begin.

More about Wendy

Wendy is a successful West Australian businesswoman whose experience with a bully was the catalyst to develop a toolbox of practical skills to deal with a range of common relationship and financial situations.

She willingly shares these remarkable tools with people who are keen to embrace change and ditch negative behavior.
Wendy brings a powerful awareness to your physical and emotional health allowing you to access your true power so that you move forward in life towards what you really desire.

Your thinking will be transformed so that you can easily create what you want.

Wendy is experienced and trained in the following:
    •    Life Coach           
    •    Manipulative Physiotherapist (Diagnostic Physiotherapist)
    •    Applied Kinesiology Practitioner
    •    Applied Kinesiology Instructor
    •    Fire Walking Instructor
    •    Business Owner
    •    Investor

For forty years Wendy ran two busy Physiotherapy clinics, taught and practiced Manipulative Physiotherapy and Applied Kinesiology.

She invested in property and shares and runs group courses in the innovative techniques she has developed to deal effectively with the bully/victim dynamic, relationships and finances.

Wendy said; “I was in a situation where there was a bully in my life and this affected my finances as well as my emotional health. I began reading and seeking out all the information I could get my hands on how to deal with this and not become a victim,” Wen
“I’ve put together everything I’ve learnt over the years and simplified it and it works. I’ve used it successfully in my personal and professional life for many years with great results.”

“Lots of people teach the head stuff - and don’t teach the heart stuff — the stuff that makes life really worth living.” 

When I left school I wanted a job where I could travel the world and get work at the same time. Physiotherapy was one of those jobs so that is what I studied. 

Little did I know that she had chosen my life’s vocation.

A degree in Physiotherapy trains the mind in rigorous scientific method so treatments are a very effective alternative to drugs and surgery. All of these years later I still get a buzz from the instant pain relief that Physiotherapy creates for most clients.

I have always had a passion for diagnosis so in the early 1980’s I went back to study for a Post Graduate Diploma in Manipulative Physiotherapy.

I had noticed how clients’ bodies would visibly relax under my hands as they talked about their problem. I felt that training in Psychology would allow me to catalyse this process with greater finesse. I went to the local university library and read the first year Psychology textbooks. 

This was enlightening but I found the basic beliefs of the university course limited. It, along with the rest of the Western thinking, didn’t honour the “heart” of the problem, that mysterious human element that I wanted to know more about.

My Physiotherapy training also didn’t teach me the heart of healing so I decided I would look for a discipline where I could combine a strong science method with my humanity. I was then introduced to Applied Kinesiology and found that it bridged this gap.
Applied Kinesiology honoured the mind (Psychology) the body (Physiotherapy) and the heart (Emotions).

I trained as a Applied Kinesiologist and was so taken by the discipline that I became a Applied Kinesiology Practitioner and instructor.
In the mid 1980’s I started a computer software development company and then became a certified developer for Apple computer Australia. I wrote a manual of over 500 exercises for Physiotherapists and my company developed the software. This software printed out individualised exercise programs with pictures for clients and it sold internationally.

The quarter of a century crisis
I didn’t have a midlife crisis. Instead when I became 25 years old I had a

“quarter of a century crisis”.  The day of my 25th birthday was incredible.
I awoke in the morning and was depressed. I remained depressed for days
and then weeks later. I kept thinking;

“A quarter of a century old already! Does my life have any meaning?”

Why was I depressed? I didn’t know. Here I was an educated Physiotherapist.
I had my own private clinic, which was amazingly successful, so I was making
lots of money. I was married to a wonderful loving man. I was the state champion
windsurf sailboard rider and had been for the last two years. I had a group of fun friends. I travelled when I wanted. What more could I have wanted?

All areas of my life seemed complete and I was depressed. I was miserable! My normally jolly personality had decided to retire, on my 25th birthday! It had just packed its bags and was gone. I was alone with a misery that was
driving me crazy. Nothing could entice my happy me back. I tried wine, windsurfing, running, sleeping lots, and work. None of this worked to change my mood.

One day a couple of months after my 25th birthday I was driving home from work—still dismal. Beside the road was a parked car, a battered old station wagon. Inside the car were lots of children, crawling over the seats, spilling out of the windows, fighting and laughing. Getting into the driver’s seat was a large, motherly woman dressed in rags. This woman was my saviour; she was an angel (in disguise—they are everywhere), for she alone started my path to freedom and joy.

It was the expression on her face. She was laughing. Not just laughing she had the energy of contentment emanating from her being. Despite everything, she was living and loving life. The contrasts between us were too great. In an instant I sped by this scene and from then on I decided to take charge and change. My angel had cast her spell on me.
From that moment on I changed my “perfect, ordered” life. From then on my life became exciting and very changeable with ever-increasing periods of bliss.

Travelling in 1983 at 26 years old
About eight months later I was single again due to my need for change and my husband’s need for stability, we parted as very close friends. 
I packed my bags and went travelling alone. This six-month trip taught me some major lessons. 
I began the trip with a large travellers backpack filled with all the “essentials”. After about a month I swapped this for a tiny daypack. It had a toothbrush, comb, soap, a change of clothing, bathers and a sarong plus some odds and ends. My bikinis doubled as underclothing and my sarong was a towel, sheet, dressing gown as well as skirt. I found the only real essentials when travelling were my passport and travellers cheques and I kept these in a small wallet around my waist under my clothing. The things in my pack I could replace, so I was happy to leave my pack unattended in hotels and restaurants. As long as there was somewhere I felt safe to sleep and simple clean food, life was good.
I travelled around Europe and ended up hitching through Eastern Turkey. 

My Observations about Fear
One night in Easter Turkey on the Mountain of Nemrut Dagi I had a gun pointed at

me for most of the night by this bloke here in the photograph. 

In a detached and interested way I found that it was not the present situation
or death that I feared.​ It was a future of being maimed that I feared the most.

A couple of weeks later I cut my hand through to the bone with some broken glass in the country that was then called Yugoslavia. I remember standing all alone in a place where I didn’t speak the language observing with a detached interest the whiteness of my finger bone, the flap of tendon and the severed meaty muscles, I kept telling myself not to faint. I noticed again that I feared not the injury or death but the possibility that I would not be able to play the piano! 

Luckily this accident was close to a world-renowned hand hospital and all was (eventually) well.
This trip taught me that I took myself with me wherever I was in the world. Along with me came my joys, fears, abilities and weaknesses. It was just “same person — different location.” 

One day I was walking down a deserted street late at night.
At that time in my life I believed that it was my right to use the streets whenever I wanted. I was feeling very vulnerable for the street was completely deserted. Suddenly half a block ahead a man popped his head around the next corner and looked directly at me, our eyes locked. He then started to run towards me at full speed. There were just the two of us and the hollow sound of his feet hitting the tarmac. I intuitively knew that it would be dangerous to run so I calmly walked on looking directly at him as he ran directly towards me. I was thinking; 
“This is it, this is the end, and there is no way out of this one.”

When he was two feet from me some mysterious force deflected him to the extent that his face became deformed as though it was pushing against glass. His body was flung sideways without me lifting a finger. He looked puzzled and then ran on and I watched as he ran around the corner behind me. I was left shaking with the shock of relief.

It became very clear to me that somehow I took my safety with me and that I had a choice about what happened even in extreme situations. After this incident if I intuitively feel any danger I didn’t go ahead.

I am now more aware about where and when I walk.

Being in different cultures has given me perspective and allowed me to see how all cultures create “transparent” beliefs”. They are beliefs that they think are “facts”. 

Being a grass roots traveller has allowed me to look at the beliefs that I have chosen from the Western culture. This has been the core of my growth over the last thirty years.

Learning from Chronic Fatigue 
 When I returned home from this trip I was overcome with joint and muscle pain plus incredible fatigue. One Doctor told me that I was depressed and should take Valium, another looked across his desk with a huge fake smile and told me that I was a ‘smiling depressive’ and needed Psychiatric “help” in the form of medication. 

I don’t do drugs and work. I believe that when I am working my clients deserve a sober opinion. I was in pain if I worked and I was in pain if I didn’t work— at least work kept my mind off my pain and stopped me being too introspective.
I declined both of these supposedly “scientific” treatments. This experience taught me that I needed to be more aware when choosing a Profession to consult.​ Finally after about a year I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue. 

Twenty years ago chronic fatigue was not really accepted as a “real” condition, so the diagnosis simply stopped me from visiting Doctors and I started to look for a cure. The only treatment offered at the time was to give up chemicals in my food, personal care products and around my home.

In retrospect chronic fatigue was a (extremely painful) blessing. It made

me aware of all the toxins in the average environment. I believe
that my current robust healthcould be mainly due to this awareness.

Just after my chronic fatigue diagnosis I travelled to Egypt and hitched

through the desert, first the Eastern thenWestern Sahara and finally
the Sinai.

It became obvious to me how chemicals and pollution affected
my energy levels as I moved from purity of desert villages and
back again to the cities.

On this trip I met a fabulous Italian man who suggested that I read Carlos Castanada’s
books. These opened my mind and allowed me to add a spiritual/life purpose to my life. With that new spiritual purpose and a bizarre once off “faith healing” my chronic fatigue was gone for good. 

Faith Healing 
The faith healing was at a time where I just wanted to be 100% cured of the chronic fatigue. 
My mother urged me to go to a minister who did charismatic healing. I was embarrassed to go as I believed that privileged men control organised religion and their beliefs are not very functional for women or children.

My scientific training told me it was hokus-pokus, yet, Castanadas books had opened my mind to the human energy field and how it could be used to heal the body. 

I rang the Reverend and he and his wife came to my house to do the healing. They prayed over me in “tongues”. The whole time I felt embarrassed and sceptical. I simply thought that it was a waste of time. After about ten minutes they left and from that moment on I was healed of Chronic Fatigue — much to my amazement.

This healing made me realise how our bodies can become healed in an instant and that this is an energetic experience. 
After this experience I realised that chemicals that can make one person ill will not affect another who has more robust energy field and beliefs.
Interestingly enough, I have observed that Kinesiology has a similar effect. People don’t have to believe in it yet it still strengthens their physical, emotional and spiritual health.

After Egypt I went on to study for a post-graduate diploma in Manipulative Physiotherapy, I found the course excellent and at the same time realised that the university perspective was extremely limited and Western in its understanding of humanity and healing.

Becoming a Parent 
In my late thirties after years of not wanting to have a child I decided

to have a one— my current beau agreed and instantly I was pregnant.

Being a parent has been the most rewarding experience of my life. 
It has also been the time where I have reviewed my own childhood

and seen my parents in a different light. 

I found this a challenging time and yet the inner peace gained was worth

the effort. I am now less black and white and can see lots of shades of grey when
discussing life.

In my experience children teach their parents. It is not the other way around. Children teach parents by being present, authentic and honest — many adults have forgotten how to be that way.

Being a parent pushed me emotionally because my daughter’s father had a personality change towards me during the pregnancy.

I always say that he had “post conception depression” because he became very angry towards me and that made me feel victimized. This was an emotion I had felt as a child and I made myself a promise back then that when I was an adult I would not allow anyone to make me feel that way again and here I was…

In that situation with no way out. I couldn’t suddenly unmake him the father. I couldn’t run away I was stuck with sorting my victim feelings out. 
He attacked me financially, emotionally and spiritually—he was relentless no part of my life was left out, he told lies to my friends, family, staff and the family law court and for some people "where there is smoke there is fire" so many people believed his lies. 
It felt to me that my daughters father was aimed at a complete annihilation of my previous sense of self and this is what happened — in the end— my old self was annihilated and a new me was born.

I figured that the only way out of being victimised was to learn to change myself so that I could handle him with a calm self respect and this is what I did. It was not easy, it was excruciatingly difficult and seemed to go on for ever and ever, and then finally it was done.
I tried counselling and psychology and although that gave me some insights I didn’t get much emotional pain relief. I then read books and that was valuable and really helped. Finally someone suggested that I try Applied Kinesiology.
I was at the stage of emotional pain that if someone had told me to stand on my head and sing jingle bells for emotional pain relief and a new skill set for life I would have done it.

I went for the appointment and I had immediate relief of my emotional pain and became less of a victim around my daughter’s father. I became positively addicted to that feeling of relief and this proved to be a very good thing.

Whenever my daughter was with her father I studied Applied Kinesiology and over time became a qualified Applied Kinesiologist.
I now realise that my daughters father was my soul mate — in the negative — I am not sure that I could have achieved that much change and growth without his influence. I am now at peace and doing what I want most of the time. 

To sum up I have noticed that I had to muddle through most of the problems in my life without much support from others. 

Many people found my independent lifestyle too confronting so treated me with distain refusing me any hope. They would blame me for the situation I was in.

Others treated me like a child as though I should have no say over my own life. They expected me to swallow the pills prescribed and be “a good patient.”

During times of crisis I often felt lost and unsure. I had no idea of how to heal and the people around me didn’t make it any better. I felt even more unsupported when my family and "friends" would tell me it was my fault for choosing him as the father or that I was making too much of the extreme bullying he was doing. I no longer have "friends" like that — what a relief!

I needed information and supportive understanding not distain or pills.

It is clear to me that an openness of beliefs was what allowed me to deal with that situation as I did coming out of it blessed and happy.
As a Life Coach, Manipulative Physiotherapist, Applied Kinesiologist and Investor I now work on the physical level with my financial skills and Physiotherapy, the emotional level with Kinesiology and my excellent skill set for bullies, plus the spiritual level so that my clients don't get caught up in "Why me? Why this? Why now?" that keeps them stuck.

I gently and ruthlessly work with people to overcome the negative situations in their lives in a way that I wish someone had done for me.